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A physical therapist's top tips to keep older adults safe from falls

"UNLV professor Jennifer Nash has made it her mission to prevent older adults from suffering a devastating fall. "

FSU researcher finds potential new tool for early identification of dementia risk

"Research at the Florida State University College of Medicine has identified a potential low-cost method for predicting if a person is at risk of developing dementia."

Digital puzzle games could be good for memory in older adults, study shows

"Older adults who play digital puzzle games have the same memory abilities as people in their 20s, a new study has shown."

Eye-tracking technology helps give a voice to older people living with dementia

"More than 50% of Australians living in residential aged care facilities have a dementia diagnosis, with aged care services around the world preparing for the number of older people aged 65 years and above to double in the next 30 years. "

Several vaccines associated with reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease in adults 65 and older

"Prior vaccination against tetanus and diphtheria, with or without pertussis (Tdap/Td); herpes zoster (HZ), better known as shingles; and pneumococcus are all associated with a reduced risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, according to new research from UTHealth Houston."

Ability to drive a car influences quality of life of older adults in Japan

"Physical health and cognitive function declines as we age. Aging impacts people’s ability to perform routine tasks, which affects their well-being and sense of independence. One such routine activity that is frequently affected is driving. For older adults, the inability to drive themselves can mean that they become unable to access basic needs or engage in social activities."

[SPICEY RELIEF] Turmeric may best PPIs for heartburn

"Potential good news for the millions of people with heartburn: A natural compound found in the culinary spice turmeric may be as effective as omeprazole—a drug called a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) that’s used to curb excess stomach acid—for treating heartburn."

[HOME, AGELESS HOME] Grants help older Canadians age at home

"The Government of Canada announced on September 1 that it is investing in organizations that are making it possible for older adults to age at home. Minister of Seniors Seamus O'Regan Jr. announced $13.95 million in funding for 11 projects in Ontario under the “Scaling Up for Seniors” stream of the Age Well at Home initiative. The projects could serve as models for similar undertakings in other countries."

[EAT UP EARLY] Hearty breakfast can help overcome jet lag

"Jet lag is caused by a difference between the circadian system -- the body's internal clock -- and the surrounding environment. Previous research has shown that in fact there are multiple internal clocks, and they are present in almost every cell and tissue in the body. Each clock relies on its own set of cues to calibrate. For example, the brain's clock depends on sunlight, while the peripheral organs calibrate at mealtime."

[LESS IS STILL MORE ] Leisure-time activity may curb some diabetes risks

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[BRAIN TRAINING] Neuro fitness wearable on the way

"Evolution Optiks Limited has partnered with the John McEnroe Tennis Academy through its division OcuRay, to develop a neuro fitness wearable for tennis training. "

[EQUAL FOOTING] Gender equality tied to global health and wellbeing

"Women's health issues continue to be overlooked in society. This is one of several findings in Essity's “Health and Hygiene Report 2023-2024,” linking gender equality, care, and prevention to personal well-being and public progress, emphasizing the need for joint action to effect change. "

[DISHEARTENING] Less use of mobile health trackers among older adults with heart risks


[WALK BETTER, LONGER] New app trains people with Parkinson's to improve gait


[NOT BORED] Board game playing events for older adults to launch September 5


[SOMETHING FISHY] Beware health claims on fish oil supplement labels


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